school bus with a circle-slash over it and the words "school delay and closure notificaitons"

As we approach the time of year when the weather may impact school being open, we want to take a moment to share how we will notify our families of school delays and closures.

Please know that we take the safety of our staff and students very seriously.  In addition, we know that a timely response to inclement weather is critical.  To this end, we strive to make decisions about school delays or closures as early as possible.

Once a decision has been made to delay or close school, South Harrison will:

  • Alert the local news agencies.
  • Post information about the delay or closure on the corporation website.
  • Create a push notification to send out to the South Harrison app.
  • Create a text alert to send out to all updated cell numbers in Harmony.

In the event that students must be sent home early due to inclement weather, we will follow the same steps outlined above.  It is imperative that all families make a plan for these rare days and share the transportation arrangements with their child's school office.

To ensure that you are kept up-to-date about school delays and closures, be sure that you have:

Please contact the school office if you have any questions.