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South Harrison Community School Corporation

www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=2681938168697880&id=1884939161731122Mark your calendar for the upcoming student/parent scheduling meeting and pathway fair. All 8th - 11th grade students & parents are encouraged to attend during their designated times. Please see date and times on the school website. We'll be discussing the new scheduling procedures, pathways, internships, and much more. ... See MoreSee Less



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Bill Bowsman Anita Striegel

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South Harrison Community School Corporation

www.facebook.com/corydoncentralhs/posts/1351146778363817Student Work Based Learning Intern in the spotlight: Garrett Knear

At the conclusion of this year’s presentation concerning SHCSC’s Work Based Learning (WBL) Internship Program to the senior class, one student truly stood out, Garrett Knear. As Garrett made his way through the departing crowd, it was apparent that he was on a mission. He approached the program presenter with an outstretched hand holding a business card, Garrett said with conviction “I would like to do an internship and this is where I would like to go.”

A follow-up meeting was set where Garrett’s schedule and transportation availability was checked. The next step was to contact the employer to see if they were hiring and interested in participating in the program, normally the toughest part. In this case, Garret wanted to internship at The Kentuckiana Broadcast Group, a Clarksville based company where both of his parents work.

Since the 15th of August, Garrett has departed Corydon Central High School around 10:30 for his paid internship, and his future. In a short few months Garrett has mastered many tasks as a member of the Creative Department. Today Garrett spends much of his time placing commercials into TV shows prior to them going out over local Cable TV stations in a 13 county area including stations like; Laff TV Channel 24.1, This TV Channel 24.2, Escape Channel 24.3, LATV Channel 24.4, WNDA Channel 24.5 and Charge TV Channel 24.6. Garrett also provides camera work on some of the in-house produced TV shows and we may well see Garrett’s name listed as the director soon! Garrett hopes to be a TV News Director later in his life.

Garrett is the son of Jason and Shelly Knear of Corydon.
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We will be operating on a 2-hour delay schedule tomorrow, January 18, 2018.

A special thank you to the maintenance and custodial staff members for clearing walks and lots - several times! And, to the transportation crew for checking roads, reporting areas of concern and making alternate arrangements if necessary to accommodate our return to school.

Looking forward to seeing you at school!
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The road to my house has large hills to go up. And they are still in bad shape. I don't know what road were looked at but ours isn't great. What am I to do if my sons bus driver calls for me to bring my son to him at the end of our road, which is a half mile from our house? My husband has been driving our 4 wheel drive truck to get to work so I won't be able to do that.

South Harrison Schools are closed for Wednesday, January 17th as many of the county roads and neighborhoods remain difficult to travel.

PSAT and WorkKeys testing along with Exploration Field Trips have been rescheduled to January 24th. Visit your school Facebook page for more information and students will receive updated information when they return - hopefully on Thursday!

All athletic events have been postponed that were scheduled for this evening.

Thank you for your patience this week.
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School is cancelled for Tuesday, January 16, 2018. Enjoy the snow...but be careful. Hope to see you on Wednesday! ... See MoreSee Less

School is cancelled for Tuesday, January 16, 2018. Enjoy the snow...but be careful. Hope to see you on Wednesday!


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Cristy Stults

Thank you

Hmmm so if there is school Wednesday, will the 100 day of school celebration be then or is it canceled? Or delayed for another day? My kindergartener is planning on dressing up as an old lady. Want to make sure we get the right day. Thanks!

Will there be high school and junior high basketball games tonight

Are they haveing school on the 17th?

That's a good question Cindy Cole, are they going to school tomorrow, I know the back roads in Elizabeth are still bad.

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