picture of the South Harrison App icon with a red notification circle with a 1 inside of it and the words Push Notifications

Push notifications through the South Harrison App allow us to notify students, families, and community members about important and time-sensitive information.  In order to receive this information, push notifications must be activated on the South Harrison App.  Watch this short video and review the listed steps to ensure that push notifications are turned on.

  1. Open the South Harrison App.
  2. Select the Schools icon in the bottom right corner.
  3. Select the plus symbol to access a list of all South Harrison Schools.
  4. Select the schools you wish to add.
  5. Select the Done button.
  6. Select the X in the bottom left corner.
  7. Select the Menu icon in the bottom left corner.
  8. Select the Settings button in the bottom right corner.
  9. Select the Push Notifications menu.
  10. Select the schools from which you want to receive push notifications.
  11. Select Done.
  12. Exit Settings.