Five students

Who would have thought high school seniors, before graduating, could receive job-specific training, pass state board exams and have an in-demand job lined up after they finish school? Sounds crazy, right? Not to these students!

Before spring break, a handful of South Harrison students sat for their state board exams to become certified nursing assistants and passed. Students were able to do so as part of the Healthcare Pathway offered by South Harrison Community School Corporation.

Congratulations on passing your exams and putting in the hard work to get here!


The Healthcare Pathway program is for students wanting to explore careers in healthcare, have a career in healthcare but not a traditional bachelor’s degree, or who want to begin their healthcare career immediately after high school graduation. While any student can choose healthcare as their pathway, it is a rigorous program, especially for students desiring to become a CNA before graduating. Between classwork, skills labs and outside clinical hours, it’s a lot to balance; however, teachers Katie Broom and Sharon Grimes continually prepare students through skills lessons and engaging coursework and also lean on community partners to work with students.

A great addition to the pathway, allowing students more opportunities to practice their skills, is the new Health Science Lab funded by the Harrison County Community Foundation. In this space, students can practice bedside manners, how to move patients from chairs to beds, collect blood samples, insert IVs, etc. It’s an exciting space to learn in and SHCSC thanks HCCF for supporting the program. 

As the healthcare industry evolves, SHCSC is optimistic about new opportunities to grow the program for the 2023-24 school year.