Graphic with moon and earth reading "save the date, solar eclipse; April 8, 2024"

South Harrison Community School Corporation is preparing for an extraordinary celestial event on April 8, 2024: a solar eclipse.

E-Learning Day to Embrace the Solar Eclipse
SHCSC has designated April 8 as an e-learning day for students. The path of the solar eclipse traverses Indiana, and in certain areas, lucky spectators will witness a total solar eclipse. To ensure students can safely experience this celestial wonder, classes will be conducted online. Each school will share a schedule in the coming weeks, outlining the expectations for students to complete assignments and participate in virtual lessons.

This cosmic spectacle, where the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, casting a shadow on our planet, is a rare occurrence. Schools will be exploring this phenomena in the days prior to the eclipse so that students can have a better understanding of the science behind the event.

Local Hotspots for Strong Internet
Recognizing that reliable internet access is crucial, SHCSC encourages students to utilize local resources. The Harrison County Library Corydon Branch and the HCPL Branch at the South Harrison Community Center are excellent options. The library also offers mobile hotspots for families to reserve ahead of time and check out, ensuring that every student can connect seamlessly.

Special Glasses for a Safe Eclipse Viewing
To enhance the learning experience, students will receive special glasses to safely view the solar eclipse. Looking directly at the sun can cause serious eye damage. The special glasses provided by Harrison County Emergency Management Agency are designed to protect students' eyes during this celestial event. The peak time for the eclipse in Southern Indiana is expected between 3 PM to 3:15 PM, allowing students to witness the awe-inspiring event right from their homes.

As we eagerly await the solar eclipse on April 8, South Harrison Community School Corporation looks forward to fostering curiosity, exploration, and a sense of wonder among our students. Stay tuned for more details and get ready to witness the magic of the cosmos!