Banne with the words "Harmony 3" written large and the phrase "South Harrison Family Access" written below it

As we’re nearing the winter months, South Harrison Community School Corp. is asking guardians to help the district and school office staff have the most complete contact data possible to quickly communicate with families at a moment’s notice via text and email. Therefore, a member of every family or guardian of a South Harrison child needs to update these specific fields in Harmony Family Access:

  • Father name;
  • Father email;
  • Mother name;
  • Mother email; and
  • The name and email of other legal guardians of a child.

Because our alert software has changed where this information needs to go, highlighted in the photo below is the specific field we need guardian information to be added. The same information needs to be updated if there are other legal guardians involved in a child’s life below the Father and Mother sections.

Additionally, if you would also like to be notified via text, please update the cell phone information under Father, Mother and Guardian as shown below.

These specific fields must be updated and over the next few weeks, we are making a concerted effort to ensure the correct data is entered in these fields. If you have any questions, please reach out to your child’s school for assistance.