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Corydon, IN 47112

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Harmony / Family Access

South Harrison uses Harmony 3 as its student management system.  All student data is housed in Harmony.  This includes demographic information, schedules, attendance, grades, discipline, etc.

Parents can access this information through Family Access.  Family Access is the site that is used to complete student registration.  It can continue to be used throughout the school year to update student data and to access information on students like grades, attendance, discipline, etc.

IMPORTANT:  Family Access is disabled over the summer for routine maintenance.  Parents will not have access to all of its features during this time – including the completion of registration paperwork.

Getting an Account

Parents must have an account set up before they can use Family Access.  Check out Getting Started with Family Access to learn more.

IMPORTANT:  Parents only need ONE account.  Multiple students can be added to an account even if they attend different schools.

Already Have an Account?

If parents already have an account, they simply need to log onto Family Access to begin.

Printable Registration Forms