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Superintendent – Dr. Mark Eastridge  | Director of College & Career Readiness – Jennie Capelle

College & Career Readiness Mission

The mission is to ensure all South Harrison graduates are exposed to a diverse range of experiences in order to be prepared for and accepted to a post-secondary or career opportunity.

WHAT is College & Career Readiness (CCR)?

The Indiana Department of Education defines a college and career ready individual as one who has the knowledge, skills and abilities to succeed in post-secondary education and economically viable career opportunities.  South Harrison Community School Corporation (SHCSC) is committed to ensure all our graduates are college and career ready. We want to make each student’s career exploration as authentic as possible. Authentic exploration and experiences in specific industries will drive relevant connections to concepts taught in the classroom.

WHY College & Career Readiness (CCR)?

  • Students must have a broad range of skills when they graduate from high school.
  • Students need to have knowledge of the diverse range of post-secondary and career options available to them.
  • Students must have a well developed plan for life after high school.
  • Students must be engaged in the classroom curriculum and understand how it connects to their life.
  • Students need exposure in real world environments and relevant work-related experiences.

HOW are We Going to Get There?

  • SHCSC is working to implement many initiatives to support our College & Career Readiness program.
  • Development of College & Career Pathways within Career Clusters. Pathways are a road map for high school graduation with an articulated sequence of courses to support career goals.  Students select their career cluster and pathway before entering 9th grade.
  • Career exploration spans three years for our students.
    • 8th grade students take Exploring College and Careers (ECC)
    • 9th grade students take Preparing for College and Careers (PCC)
    • 10th grade students take Career Exploration Information (CEI)
  • Expansion of Project Lead the Way (PLTW) to include courses in junior high school. PLTW’s project-based curriculum supports programs in Science, Technology, and Engineering & Mathematics (STEM).
  • Implementation of Naviance, a comprehensive college & career readiness platform that helps align student interests and strengths to career goals.
  • Exploration trips to provide students opportunities to visit college campuses and local companies.
  • Bi-annual counselor/student advisement meeting.
  • Review of curriculum to ensure rigor and relevance in all classes.
  • College Career Center at South Central Jr./Sr. High School and Corydon Central High School. Centers serve as a resource for students and community members.
  • Work Ethic Certification that emphasizes the “soft skills” that are crucial to employers.

College & Career Pathways
Aligned to these Career Clusters


SHCSC is building partnerships with local businesses and community groups interested in supporting College & Career Readiness.

  • Pathway-Specific Job Shadow
    • A student spends two to four hours with an employee or series of employees, observing the various aspects of their job.
  • Student Out-of-School Internship
    • An unpaid, supervised work-based learning experience.
  • Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education Student
    • A school-supervised and structured 15-hour week paid work experience.
  • Exploration Trips
    • Students visit a company workplace as a group to see the business operations in action and tie this to their career pathway.
    • Students visit a college campus as a group to see what campus life is like.
  • Advisory Committee Members
    • Serve on South Harrison College & Career Readiness Advisory for the purpose of curriculum/subject area planning, resource development, and consultation.
  • Classroom/Career Fair Presentation
    • Present to a class about your job, its requirements or educational level and employer expectations.
  • Mentorship
    • Serve as an advisor to a student or small group of students.
  • Educator Externships
    • Teachers experience the business world firsthand as they work/job shadow in a business for 1-2 weeks during school breaks.
  • Work-Ethic Certificate
    • Businesses partnering with SHCSC to support the implementation and acceptance of the work ethic certificate will commit their support to this program and to the students earning the certificate.
  • Financial Support
    • Organizations can financially support CCR initiatives such as exploration trips, equipment, etc.



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