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In today’s world, the use of technology in the classroom is essential to preparing students for college and careers.  South Harrison believes that the meaningful integration of technology into instruction will assist in this preparedness.  Further, by providing our students and community with opportunities to use technology and access information in a timely fashion, we are providing equal opportunity for all students and families to learn and achieve.  For this reason, South Harrison recently defined its technology vision.

South Harrison’s Technology Vision

We envision a technology-rich community engaged in learning.

  • We believe that technology empowers every learner.
  • We believe that technology equalizes learning opportunities.
  • We believe that technology enhances authentic learning.
  • We believe that technology extends learning beyond the classroom.

Click here to view our Technology Vision Flier.

Current Classroom Technology Environment

Students in grades K-12 use technology daily to further their learning.  Our current technology environment is as follows:

  • Students in our preschool programs do not use technology in the classroom.  Instead, students focus more on social interactions, discovery, and play.
  • Our kindergarten classrooms are 2:1 with iPads (2 students/device).
  • Students in grades 1-4 are 1:1 with iPads.
  • Students in grades 5-12 are 1:1 with Chromebooks.

In addition to student devices, our teachers have their own devices and our classrooms are equipped with projectors, speakers, and interactive boards.  Some classrooms are equipped with even more technology depending on the type of instruction that occurs.