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South Harrison’s faculty, staff, and administrators believe that parent and community involvement in education is the surest path to highly effective schools. Each school welcomes parents and community members to take part in various activities that strengthen school, home, and community partnerships.

Each community served by the SHCHC adds to the strength of the district as a whole. Our schools take pride in preserving the local community’s traditions while providing new opportunities for their students. This commitment between school and community provides South Harrison’s students with a safe, caring, and challenging place in which to learn.

Below are links to organizations that support South Harrison schools.

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Our Mission

We envision schools in which students experience success through authentic, real-life learning activities, focusing on an appreciation of the diversity of society and the ever-changing world, thus creating the greatest opportunities for students after graduation.

The mission of South Harrison Community School Corporation is to create an environment, which develops, nurtures, and reinforces the success of all people served by the corporation. Further, through the shared involvement of home, community, and school, our purpose is to develop and provide quality work to prepare each student to think, reason, and participate in a diverse society as a lifelong, self-directed learner.


At South Harrison, we believe that all children can achieve at a high level. Our teachers invest in their students and build strong, positive relationships with them and their families. We develop and teach course work that relates to our students’ day-to-day experiences and challenges each student to reach their highest potential.

Our philosophy was developed in partnership with the Schlechty Center for Leadership in School Reform (CLSR), located across the river in Louisville.