South Harrison Technology

Welcome to the website of South Harrison Community School Corporation's Technology Department. Our staff of five provides information technology support to the eight schools of the district as well as the administrative office and the Harrison County Exceptional Learners Co-operative office.

1:1 Initiative

The focus of this website is the continued support of South Harrison's 1:1 Initiative. This year's freshman and sophomore classes will carry laptops from class to class and home as we continue the one-to-one computing program. This requires a greater degree of user support than we have provided before and the information on this website remains the first line of that support.

That's not to say that the information this site contains is strictly the freshman and sophomore classes. Many of the troubleshooting tips and explanations of network, hardware, and software functionality are helpful to anyone who uses South Harrison's computer network.


At the bottom of every page are two links. The first is to the webmaster Email address, which is checked by the technology department staff regularly. The second link leads to a Web-based form with which anyone can leave comments, questions, or suggestions as to how we can improve this website. Please feel free to use either of these methods to provide our staff with feedback.