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Improving student learning is the focal point of every initiative in South Harrison Schools. We strive to create a total learning environment that inherently provides new and on-going opportunities to learn, and focuses on improving the quality of work that students are asked to do.

And it’s working. South Harrison’s graduation rate consistently surpasses the state average, with 92.7% of eligible seniors graduating during the 2011-2012 school year.

New Opportunities
South Harrison continues to create new opportunities to ensure that our graduating seniors are college and career ready.

From technology programs like the 1-to-1 Initiative to expanding our dual-credit offerings, South Harrison proactively seeks to prepare our students and community for today’s educational and career opportunities.

Our Goals
The overarching goal for South Harrison to have our high school graduates college and career ready when they leave our district for work and/or post-secondary education. South Harrison aims to move well beyond state and federal minimum standards for school and district success.

Academic achievement at high levels and growth from year-to-year is also an important goal for South Harrison’s students. We believe that every student, from the most advanced learner to the most challenged deserves one year of academic growth for each year the student spends in our schools.

South Harrison Community School Corporation